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Nick Carter Files Restraining order on brother Aaron Carter over threat to his pregnant wife! 🙄

Is anyone else insulted by the news of nick carter and Aaron Carter drama? As if I’m supposed to care about this story for real and not believe this is some publicity bullshit. It’s so obvious because has ANyONe heard anything from either Nick or Aaron Carter In decades?

Clearly it got me fired up to look at this because the place my insult and offense comes from is this. It comes to show me that I have no trust in the media.

The media is fully curated to keep our minds focused on some distracting drama as if we didn’t have enough in our own lives to deal with.

In my HUMBLE opinion here are 3 reasons I believe we want to buy into these stories we’re being fed:

1. To distract from our own drama.

If we have too much going on at home and want to escape. When we’re getting chewed out at work for a small mistake. When we want to make ourselves “feel better” because “at least it’s not as bad as someone else.” Everyone remembers when Britney went AWOL. Same story, “we” the viewer needed someone to compare our shitty lives to whose life was worse.

(Do you Really want to be ^ that person?)

2.We have a boring home life.

Entertainment. Again, can we consider that we are in that moment choosing to find entertainment in the suffering of another human being. We’re reading this story about Nick Carter’s pregnant wife being threatened by Aaron Carter. Of course people are going to flip out! You can’t fuck with a pregnant woman!

(Do you really want to be that person? Enjoying another persons suffering?)

3.We want to be part of something.

We buy into these “news” stories they’re feeding up because we want to be part of something. Being part of something ignites our primitive sense of belonging and security. If we’re not part of a community we are far more likely to end up depressed and suicidal.

(Is celebrity drama, ReALLY what you want to be part of?)

I don’t know about you but I am surely not satisfied with the garbage being fed to us on a daily basis in all areas of our lives. It’s time for me to stop Blaming and take responsibility for what I “digest” with my eyes and my mouth. Choosing more wisely what I indulge in and what I do not.

The only thing that isn’t a waste of my time with this Aaron & Nick Carter news is that I’m writing this blog post right now. The good I’m making from some idiotic publicity drama is to write here right now. Blessings to you Aaron and Nick and I hope you figure out your family drama. Note to the news outlets - Maybe find something a little more worthwhile to discuss? Perhaps? Yes? No? Right? My thoughts... but Hey, What do I know? Do you?

What do you think? Sign into my page and Give me your take in the comments below!

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