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Hurricane Dorian is hovering over the Bahamas

Updated: Sep 2, 2019


Hurricane Dorian is moving extremely slow over the Bahamas today. Luckily, I visited the Bahamas when I was a little girl got my hair braided and sang on stage. If you were planning a trip to the Bahamas, sorry to report that, now is definitely not the time. It’s difficult sometimes to witness the destruction that mother Earth brings upon us but I also hate to be the barer of the newsflash that Mother Earth is responding to the treacherous things we’ve been doing to her and her animals. We’ve paved the planet with our roads and mass-produced plastic to the point where the ocean is gasping for air. I’m not perfect and well, no one is but we do have to be aware of this truth first. First, awareness and then action follows. It’s not really about recycling and activism for me. For me it's about getting back in touch with mama Gaia and remembering truly who we are meant to be on this planet. A human being is made for worship. We are made to worship and appreciate. We are made to get up every morning and live in sweet gratitude and surrender. That is my practice and my belief. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share with you what I have found from my daily gratitude and surrender practices. Freedom, True Freedom. Not the freedom of financial burdens or stress or any of the “Normal” Life things. I still participate in the ways of this planet but my mind is free. My mind is free to wander and be creative. Free from judgment and criticism, free from being enslaved by worries and fears. Living daily from a place of gratitude and surrendering those fears and trusting in the truth, that we are connected to each other and to this planet Earth. We are made to dance on the ground with our feet in the mud, to sing, to explore the many exciting experiences we can on this planet. We are living this moment now, always every second of everyday. We have right here and right now. So, let us take a deep breath, Surrender the stress and trust in the process of gratitude and intuitive action bringing you all that you desire on this Earth!


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