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Justifications for Texas Gun'man'

Updated: Sep 2, 2019


Npr’s headline this morning - Texas Gunman Who Killed 7 Had Been Fired Just Hours Before Shootings: Reports

These justifications we give people for killing is insanity in my perspective. Who gives two shits if he was fired hours before shooting? All this tells me is that America has been putting too much value into our “jobs.” Have we truly gotten to such a place where “losing” a job brings us into such a deep depression that we lose our minds and kill? Looks like it, because there is truly no justification for this kind of mental health issue going unrecognized, undiagnosed, untreated for this long. How on Earth have we gotten here? It strikes me as strange to even say this because men have been killing men for ages, since the beginning of time.

Since 1982, 111 mass shootings have occurred in the U.S. and out of those only 3 of those shooters were females. What does this information tell us? That women are less “crazy” than men? NO! That mental health issues are not being addressed. It’s very interesting to me that we have allowed men to be in power this long, truly. Out of fear? Of what? Women have insight as to how to do things a bit more methodically, looking for possible outcomes and foreseeing hang ups, working them out ahead of time so that we will be able to tackle them head on if they come. I’m no man hater that is for sure, I am very grateful to all the men in my life who have made it possible for me to be who I am and where I am today. I have been really fed up with this idea that women are “crazy” or “insane” when they begin to speak their minds and lay down their boundaries. In my experience I have dealt with some men who just write women off when they truly have something valuable to add to the conversation. I truly feel men would gain so much from listening to women more. This is obviously not “all” men or “all” women as I can’t speak in absolutes and be speaking from truth.

The truth of the matter is both the masculine and feminine have much to contribute here on planet Earth. What I feel we each truly need to remember is this and to HONOR each other, RESPECT each other, TRUST each other. Sometimes we have a difficult time perhaps identifying what it truly looks like to BE respectful or honor someone. When we learn to respect and honor and trust the Planet we live on that is when we will truly be honoring and respecting ourselves. Sure, It can be so difficult to make healthy choices for our bodies when, cheaper, faster, easier alternatives are readily available. I have a difficult time with this too, for sure. We must remember to make these choices every day. Every day when we wake up and see these terrifying news articles, what are we to do? For me it always points back to gratitude. Being grateful for your loved ones in your life every day and constantly looking for ways to serve those around you. Making no mistake that any of these things that we read about in the news, could happen to you however focusing more fully on that which we want to create that brings love, life and peace to us. Amidst the “insanity” of society we find gratitude in the daily little things. The sweet moments with our children and the enjoyment of a meal.

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